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The Land Army (S.X. – also Hellenic Army, ES) is the ground military forces of Greece, which are commanded by the General Staff of the Army (G.E.S.).


To fulfill its mission, the Army is divided into arms and corps which cover individual missions:


The weapons are six:

  1. The Infantry, which forms the basis of the S.X. and is distinguished into simple and motorized, although the former tends to be abolished. The units of the special forces (commandos, paratroopers, marines) are considered infantry units, although they have a separate address in the G.E.S..

  2. Armored, which are an evolution of the cavalry.

  3. Artillery, which has a critical role. Its mission is to facilitate the operation of the first two and sometimes to act independently, delivering crushing blows from a long distance. Artillery is the weapon that has brought out most G.E.S. leaders.

  4. Engineering facilitates all of the above in matters of road construction, bridge construction, minefields and disasters, construction of fortifications, camouflage, etc.

  5. Transmissions - Electronic Warfare undertakes the vital problem of communication between the various echelons and units of the S.X., as well as the rest of the Armed Forces.

  6. The Air Force recently (1998) became an independent weapon. Until then it was manned by personnel from all arms and corps of the S.X.. Its mission is both offensive and supportive in matters of airlift and aerial observation.

The first three weapons (Infantry, Armor and Artillery) are called combat weapons while the rest are combat support weapons. .....


Bodies are defined as the elements of S.X. which support the weapons. The following corps have campaign units.

  1. The Technician undertakes the various levels of repair of the S.X. hardware, beyond the 1st and 2nd that belongs to the respective unit.

  2. The Transportation Supply Corps deals with the supply of food and fuel to the units and their transportation.

  3. The War Materiel Corps deals with the supply of units with munitions, clothing and materials.

  4. The Health Department offers health support to S.X..

The remaining corps, which do not have expeditionary units, are the Research-Information Corps, Finance, Geographical, Audit, Military Secretaries Corps, Postal, Music, Caretaker Corps, Weapons Master Corps, and Architects Corps Bodies.

Finally, four bodies, being common to all three branches of the armed forces, also serve the S.X.. These are the Corps of Military - Military Legal Advisers, the Corps of Military Judicial Secretaries, the Corps of Military Chaplains (formerly Religious) and the Corps of Administrative Constables. The Armed Forces Judiciary is not an element of the armed forces, as it belongs to the personally and functionally independent judiciary.

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