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sportline trans logo.png SPORTLINE

Sportline was founded in 1975 in Thessaloniki, where it is still located at 39 Gravias Street.

We initially engaged in the manufacture of sports goods in cooperation with major sports companies, basketball teams (categories A1 and A2) and football teams (categories A and B) especially during the years 1988-2000.

In the intervening years, our collaborations with the Special Forces of the Army (1981), then with the Defense Forces (1982), the Navy (1984) and the Air Force (1992), continue successfully until today.

One of the oldest companies importing, manufacturing and trading, retail and wholesale, military equipment products and survival equipment.

Our products are used from time to time both in military missions (Somalia, Afghanistan, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean) and in climbing (Alpamayo, Huascaran, Himalayas) and other missions around the world, in difficult survival conditions but also in demanding daily activities.

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